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Osprey Island By Thisbe Nissen

osprey-island-by-thisbe-nissenThis book is set in a community that hosts outsiders in the summer season and reverts to the small world of its own inhabitants the rest of the year. Sound familiar? It will make you take a second look at our own small tourist town and its inhabitants.

It is spring 1988 and the Osprey Island Lodge is preparing for the summer tourist season. Suzy Chizek, single mother and daughter of the lodge owners, arrives with her young daughter to help her parents open the resort for the coming season.

Suzy left Osprey Island and her difficult parents 20 years earlier–she may be hoping for reconciliation, but she quickly regrets returning.

Roddy Jacobs has also returned. He left in 1968 to avoid the draft as his mother demanded, or perhaps to fight as his father insisted. Still on the island are Lance and Lorna, who went to high school with Suzy and Roddy, married and have never had any desire to leave Osprey Island.

Their son, Squee, is the victim of his parents’ alcoholic and violent marriage.

All of these people connect, some of their secrets become known to the others, and they all play a part in the tragedy of Lorna’s death early in the novel.

It is a novel of disturbing truths, sometimes brutal, sometimes sweet. It is human, it is compassionate. It is a wonderful book to start your summer reading.

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