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Children of the Day By Sandra Birdsell

children-of-the-day-by-sandra-birdsell-200Sara Vogt survived the massacre of her family during the Russian Revolution to immigrate with her only surviving sister to Manitoba. After her sister marries, Sara leaves her home to work as a servant in Winnipeg. There, she meets Oliver Vandal, a dashing and charming Métis man, who literally knocks her off her feet. Theirs is a passionate love and they become the parents of 10 children over 20 years, even though Oliver maintains a relationship with the girl he aspired to marry from his school days–a girl from a more affluent and educated family that Oliver dreamed of becoming a part. The marriage and life of Oliver and Sara is accepted by both of their families because it must be–and this extended family steps in when needed–appreciated or not. It is a wonderful novel about marriage and children, and their place within the family–for better or for worse.

The desire of the eldest daughter for escape and education is great, but not as great as her love for her younger and more fragile siblings. Even the rebellious young teens find safety in their place in this large family.

Set during a single day in 1953, we are taken back to the past lives of both Oliver and Sara, and the history of their ancestors. It is a tale of the intimacy of the marriage of Oliver and Sara, and of the lives of their children on this eventful day. It is a novel not to be missed, and one that will stay with you to savour in memory.

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