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The Floating Feldmans by Elyssa Friedland

The feel good funny book of the summer of 2019


 Imagine, if you can, receiving a call from your mother. She is suggesting that you and your family celebrate her 70th birthday with her, your father, and your brother, on a cruise to the Caribbean. A cruise she is paying for.

Annette Feldman makes the calls. Her daughter, Elise is first. Elise is the mother of two teenagers, Rachel and Darius – the nest is almost empty and she knows not how to fill it. Elise’s husband, Mitch, works for a newspaper but unknown to Elise he has dreams of starting his own online literary journal. Little does he know that Elise has accumulated so much debt that all of their futures will be affected.

Annette has also called her son, Freddy. Freddy hasn’t had much to do with his family for many years. He lives about as far away as he can get. The former bad boy is now the owner of a cannabis empire – he is worth a great deal of money but is reluctant for anyone to know this. Freddy is a happy man with a young girlfriend who appears to be as crazy about him as he is about her.

Elise and Freddy consult and apprehensively accept their mother’s invitation and the fun begins. The cast of family characters is complimented by the cruise director, Julian. Julian has seen it all.

Each member of the Feldman family has their own story, their own fears and desires, making for an entertaining and interesting story. And, each one of them will step off this ship a changed person, with a new understanding of themselves and their family. During the week the family are together on this cruise there is never a dull moment. Family dynamics are in full flight, and for better or worse, they are members of the same family, and blood is truly thicker than water – even sea water.

You will find yourself aghast at some of the behavior, laughing at others and even, perhaps, shedding a tear. What is guaranteed is that you will enjoy a fun story, well written and plotted, and a great way to pass a few days with a good summer read.

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