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Poets Haunting Words on the Stockey Centre stage Thursday evening



The International Festival of Authors returns to Parry Sound on Thursday 29 October 2015. That evening four authors with International reputations will share the stage at the Charles W. Stockey Centre, Anne Enright and Nino Ricci, Marina Endicott and Deanna Young.


Deanna Young’s writing has appeared in journals across Canada and in 2013 she received the grand prize in the Prism international Poetry Contest. She lives in Ottawa where she co-directs the Tree Reading Series.


Young, House Dreams.jpg

Deanna Young will read from her third collection of poetry, House Dreams, which was a finalist for the 2015 Trillium Book Award for Poetry.


International Festival of Authors Parry Sound committee member Stevan McCallum writes about House Dreams


Now is the time to read Deanna Young’s collection of poems in House Dreams. Read it now, in the fall, but not alone, mind you. Find a friend to join you, at least in the same room, while you read.


Each of the four parts of the collection counts on more than an occasional reference to autumn, the harvest, or October. Throughout each part, vivid colours, eerie and chilling subjects beg for a warm fire and the presence of someone else in the room; company of another individual makes the experience of these often gut-wrenching poems tolerable.


The speaker for many of the poems seems to be the house - rarely a home - witnessing the complicated world of its occupants. The objective account of relationships, family, and life in general, rarely leave the reader feeling optimistic about the future; having a friend nearby will help ease the feelings of loneliness and despair.


In the opening three parts, when readers are led to believe they might finally have something positive occur, Young morbidly shifts the mood, For instance, in “When the Shipment Finally Arrives in Scorching November” the invoking of spring fails to bring renewal: “In the spring / that is not spring but the parched / finale of a long, dry season, / the woman’s grandmother will die.”  Needless to say, the overwhelming mood is rooted in a foreboding future. Have your friend make tea and sit nearby.


It feels that only in the final part, “Middlesex County,” that the occasion shifts to springs and summers. However, before getting that far, in all her imagery of decay, readers can sometimes find the possibility of redemption. She writes of a linden tree, “Yesterday green, and now this / sea of shifting lemon slices / pouring light in your eyes.” Even when offering visual metaphors of fruit, Young gives us lemons. And with that take your friend, out of the house, for a walk to enjoy the last of the vibrant colours of autumn.


House Dreams is a haunting sample of the life we all live underground, and a view beneath the foundations of the various eras and places that make up one woman’s life story.


Deanna Young, joined by Nino Ricci, Anne Enright and Marina Endicott will present readings from their most recent books – taking the words off the page in an exhilarating evening of literary readings in Parry Sound.


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