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In 1943, the Rosati family’s idyllic Tuscan villa is overtaken by Nazi soldiers demanding hospitality. In 1955, a serial killer is targeting members of the Rosati family. The past and present intertwine as the lead investigator uncovers secrets and faces her own scarred past. A breathtaking story of moral paradox, human frailty, and the mysterious ways of the heart.

THE MOON AND MORE Sarah Dessen $21.00

A summertime novel for teen girls! Emaline comes from a small town but wants “the moon and more” for her life. Emaline struggles to balance the life she has known and her dreams for the future. Readers are in for a story of romance, yearning, and empowerment.

BLOOD AND BEAUTY Sarah Dunant $29.99

Is there a family in history more dazzling, dangerous, and notorious than the Borgias? In Sarah Dunant’s skillful hands, the Borgias emerge not as the poisoning sexual monsters of popular myth, but in all their ruthless determination and complex humanity.

THE FIRE WITNESS Lars Kepler $29.99

The third installment in Lars Keplers’ hugely popular mystery series. When a fraudulent medium reports actually seeing a ghost following a girl’s murder, only inspector Joona Linna will take – and solve – the case.

A TREACHEROUS PARADISE Henning Mankell $29.95

Hanna Lundmark’s family cannot survive another Swedish winter with her in the picture. She is hired as a ship’s cook, but abandons ship in Africa when her new husband dies. Hanna unknowingly takes lodgings in a brothel. Against this backdrop, Henning Mankell weaves a tale of racism, loss, and the boundaries that divide us.

THE ENGLISH GIRL Daniel Silva $32.99

The British Prime Minister’s lover is kidnapped. To avoid scandal the police are left out and Gabriel Allon is assigned the case. Through several of Europe’s most beautiful locales, Allon searches with one thing in mind: “you have seven days, or the girl dies.”

THE ENGAGEMENTS J. Courtney Sullivan $31.00

A novel that peeks into the lives of vastly different characters living in different decades and traces the connections between them. A fun and entertaining testament to the many manifestations of marriage.


A WANTED MAN Lee Child $10.99

Jack Reacher hitches a ride, and winds up at the centre of a massive conspiracy. Fans of the series rejoice – the long wait for the paperback is over!

SLEEPING FUNNY Miranda Hill $19.95

A compilation of nine short stories by Canadian author Miranda Hill. Called, “smart, mysterious, and surprising,” these award-winning stories are sure to please.

THE SECRET KEEPER Kate Morton $18.99

Sixteen-year-old Laurel Nicolson witnesses a shocking crime. Fifty years later she has the opportunity to finally uncover the truth about what happened. Tracing the history of three star-crossed strangers – one of them her mother – during London’s years at war, Laurel uncovers long buried secrets.

THE SON OF NEPTUNE Rick Riordan $10.99

The latest in the Heroes of Olympus series. Rick Riordan brings characters from his other series, including Percy Jackson, together. Demigods, heroes, monsters, and adventure – perfect for the fan who couldn’t get enough of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.

THE UNCOMMON APPEAL OF CLOUDS Alexander McCall Smith $19.95

“The literary equivalent of herbal tea and a cozy fire” – New York Times. Heroine Isabel Dalhousie is back! She must find an art thief, all the while helping a struggling young couple and mothering her son (a two-year-old mathematical genius).

BACK TO BLOOD Tom Wolfe $20.00

Cultures collide, the law is skirted, and money flows. Tom Wolfe paints a portrait of contemporary Miami, with help of his wicked, wonderful, and motley cast of characters.

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