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The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton has been announced as the winner of the 2013 Man Booker Prize – she is the youngest to win, at the age of only 28, and her book is the biggest at 832 pages. Eleanor Catton is a Canadian by birth but moved to New Zealand as a young child. The Luminaries is also on the list of nominees for this year’s Governor General’s Award, the winner to be announced 13 November. I will admit that I have started this book – found it much like reading Dickens with similar detailed description – in fact the story takes place shortly before the death of Dickens so the writing is typical of the time in which it is set – I found I had to read v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y - so as much as I was liking what I was reading I sat there computing how many days, weeks, perhaps months I’d have to spend with this book - time that could be spent with any number of less demanding books. I think I’ll make a deal with myself that if it wins the GG I’ll put all others aside and commit myself to The Luminaries for as long as it takes - otherwise I might save it for my old age.

Another interesting title nominated for the Giller Award is The Crooked Maid by Dan Vyleta. This is a mystery novel, the sequel to The Quiet Twin, a novel nominated for the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize in 2011. The Quiet Twin was set in Vienna in 1939, and The Crooked Maid returns us to that city in 1948 – a damaged, unrecognizable war-darkened city – the setting for a thrilling, atmospheric story of blame, guilt, and restitution.


Uncle Goose is an American brand of wooden blocks from a managed forest – non-toxic paint and beautifully designed – they have 2 new items this fall Baby Blocks –my new baby shower gift of choice (along with a book of course) Merry Christmas Decorative Blocks – ideal for play or decoration The same supplier has Angel Chimes – remember these?! We have both the chimes and the candles in stock now

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