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New Year 2016

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written” writes author Melodie Beattie. I wish you all a wonderful, enriching life story in 2016.

None of us know what the New Year will bring. For some it may be a new grandchild, a marriage, a job, a path followed that takes us on a new adventure.

For others perhaps the New Year will bring the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one. We can’t know, it will be what it will be, as “they” say.

Like Queen Elizabeth and her family we have all had our horrible years. But, we’ve also had really good ones. Somehow when the New Year approaches I always feel hope. It is a time to think forward. To think about what to do next in our lives, to think about where we want to be when this next year comes to an end.

We can make a change if we are unhappy with our circumstances – we can. We can do things to encourage personal growth, we can accomplish something we’ve always meant to do – or let it go without regret.

Maybe we’ll be less critical of ourselves and others. Be more patient, kinder. Vacuum less and go for a walk more often. We’ll take the grandchildren for a week so their weary working parents can replenish – a very selfish kindness.

We’ll hope the old car lasts another year – it may be dented and worn, but so are we. We are all a year older – and maybe feeling even more – but that’s all right.

We’ve reached the age where those old adages my mother so often quoted while I rolled my eyes, are coming true. “Comfort before beauty” has very definitely replaced “Beauty before comfort”. My mother used to say “don’t wish the time away, it will be gone before you now it”, so very true now.

Some of us are too old to procrastinate. If it really matters – do it! The time may never be perfect, but putting off the trip to see an old friend may mean it could very well be too late.

There is another saying “ at the end of life we don’t regret the things we’ve done, but the things we have not done”. It may or may not be completely true, but there is enough truth to this that maybe we should be doing those things we’ve always wanted to do.

New Year’s Resolutions may be kept or broken, but more importantly we can make 2016 a year of accomplishment, kindness, some really good books, and many exhilarating new experiences. 



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